High-End Construction Solutions

Wood Work


Wood Joining

Solutions to join solid wood, plywood without visible connectors


Interior / Exterior Wood

Interior Wood Selection


Wood Varnish

One of the Best in Wood Varnishes. Formulated as a final topcoat for high-end architectural woodwork, trim, doors, cabinetry and, it is a non-yellowing over time


Plywood Types

Plywood Types


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Hardwood Decks

Some of the best choices for hardwood suitable for exterior work

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Hardwood Oil

Solutions to protect exterior hardwood

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Stone Decks

Stone decking system

Tile Work

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Waterproofing / Preparacion

Schluter®-DITRA and DITRA-XL are specifically designed for ceramic and stone tile installations. Provide uncoupling to prevent cracked tile and grout.

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Drain Systems

Solutions for drain

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Edge Metals

Superior tile ends

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Shower Glaas

Choosing the right glass for showers

Concrete Work

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Pour-In-Place Concrete Countertops

Pour in Place Concrete

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Pour in Place Fireplaces

Pour in Place Concrete

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Concrete Blocks

Combination of concrete pour in place and Block

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Swimmimg Pools

Swimming pools

Upcoming sections of Kitchens, Railings, Stucco, Electrical, Flooring, Roof