Some Testimonials :

As a contractor he’s talented, resourceful, knowledgeable beyond his years and has an eye and dedication to perfection. As a person he’s reliable, diligent, personable, prompt and considerate.
That’s the capsulized take on traits of contractor Konrad Robert Ilnicki. Those characteristics, enhanced by an equally talented crew, provided the foundation for our extensive, high-end kitchen and bath remodel.
While we provided the best materials and design, it took Konrad’s skills and personal commitment to bring it to life. We trusted him with a key to our house and know he’ll stand behind his work for decades
to come. So certain are we the enduring quality of his work that we letf a time capsule of the changes for an ensuing generation to discover and confirm.

Steve Stroud and Carol Stogsdill

I have worked very closely with Konrad R. on residential projects, and know him to be an extremely knowledgeable, responsive and reliable contractor. His careful and thorough approach to every construction phase eliminates costly mistakes and insures the project is expertly built per all architectural/ engineering specifications and city requirements. I have found him to be very exacting with all detailing aspects of our projects, and if required, he is always available to discuss and modify conditions as they arise. His flexibility, amiability and professionalism have been essential in creating an enjoyable construction process while always maintaining outstanding results. All these combined qualities are unusual to find in one contractor. Therefore, without reservation, I fully recommend Konrad R. as General Contractor for projects that may be new construction, remodeling or additions to existing buildings.

Janek Bielski, Architect

“After years of living in the house that Konrad built for us, we are very happy and continue to enjoy all of the unique touches that Konrad put into the house. The house still looks and feels new. We would trust no one else, except Konrad to build it again.”

Charlie and Julie Mack mackcoach@aol.com

It has been a true delight to work with Konrad. I am frequently amazed at the breadth of his knowledge and his ability to translate that knowledge into beautiful work. He is a good problem solver who came up with creative solutions to the problems that accompanied our remodeling project. Konrad employs skilled craftsmen who turn out first quality work. I am very appreciative of his commitment to “doing things right”. After some of my previous “contractor experiences”, I have also been very grateful for the integrity with which Konrad conducts his life and work. His word means something. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. He has been reasonable and fair in all of our interactions. I recommend him highly to anyone who is in need of a contractor.

William Prescott

He Konrad made building my income property happen. The stunning structure he created otdid all expectations.
is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of construction and employs only the finest craftsmen.
Konrad is reliable, always available to talk, and follows through on everything he promises.
Recomend Konrad without hesitation

Arlene Eisenberg