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I would like to thank You for visiting my web site. I stand behind my name in unmatched satisfaction and quality of services I provide. My goal is always to meet and exceed all customersexpectacion

The Construction Firm established in 1998 and owned by Konrad Robert Ilnicki

With more than twenty nine years of experience in all phases of construction, I always was fully commited to any scope or size of the project. Futhermore, my unmatched comunication skills, documentacion and record keeping have provided a backbone for my succes. My team is hoghly oriented in all aspects of the construction process including contract analysis and sub-contract negotiation. I providedetiled hands-on financial managment as well as, site-specific scheduling and problem resolution.
I specialize in new or existing residential as well as commercial projects including every construction related trades like :

Complete Projects – Completely new house building, remodeling, renovations, exterior work and interior rough and finish work
Wood Woork ——- From rough framing to high end finish work
Tile Work ———- From prepwork to installation
Concrete Work —- From structural concrete worklike basements, walls, driveways to high end decorative elements
Plastering ——— From standard plastering to decorative one like : texton or others
I would like also to invite you to see above my gallery of some projects I’ve done

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